The Self Help Group inhabit the musical spaces  between folk, americana and indie. Always at the core of their sound though, are their stunning trademark 3 part harmonies which first came to attention on 2013's critically acclaimed "Not Waving But Drowning".

The band formed in 2009 when songwriter Mark Bruce decided to clean 10 years of dust off his old 12 string guitar and start writing some songs, recording initial demos in his darkened loft space in brighton.

Initially aided by good friends and aquaintances, some live shows followed and were backed up by 2 E.P's, Tillie's Dream and Phoenix.

Aided by the formation of a more solid line up, 2013 saw the band sign to the Union Music Store label and release their "Stunning debut album(Maverick 4*)", gaining fantastic reviews and national radio play("Absolutely wonderful,Bob Harris Radio 2").

On 6th November 2015 they release "Dead Stars", their second album displaying a more powerful, band driven sound, born from the energy of live performances and reflected in a darker lyrical subject matter, whilst retaining the beautiful harmonies from their previous work.