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"Dead Stars"


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"Sometimes dark, sometimes shimmering with light, the band take the lives of others and, in their telling or adaptation, bring insightful, poignant and compassionate observations that touch on what it means to be human, enfolding these in melodies that draw on the very best of classic West Coast Americana...."

Folk Radio UK

"‘Dead Stars’ will satisfy your soul and lead you to a higher plane." 
Penny Black Music
BBC Radio Ulster
"...more jewels than a Spanish Armada, all wrapped in melodic gold."
Fresh on The Net
"Creates joy out of a dark and melancholy story"
Brighton Source
"Brilliant sophomore effort"
"Absolute stunner"
House Of Mercy Radio
"The Self Help Group have this Grateful Dead with a penchant for good personal hygiene and well paying jobs thing down fuckin' pat yo."
"This is modern folk at its most endearing that manages to be both personal and allegorical."
Resident Records
"A tremendous album"
American Roots UK
United States of Americana
"The Self Help Group have hit on something wondeful here"
Sound Chatter

“Riding on a wave of West Coast harmonies, this album is a quirky, charming and rewarding listen.” 4 stars

R2 Magazine


"An outstanding album" 8 stars

Whisperin and hollerin


"Not Waving, But Drowning"

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"Absolutely Wonderful" Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2


"Stunning debut album… An absorbing and highly inventive musical experience." FOUR STARS Maverick


"Superbly balancing involving lyrical content with entrancing music, the group have arrived at one of the year's best debuts" NetRhythms


"Even at it's most elaborate, the music in Not Waving, But Drowning flows like a river, rather than crashing like a tide" FRUK


"Includes some of the most gorgeous, wistful melodies you are ever likely to hear and harmonies that stand comparison with Fleetwood Mac and Crosby Stills and Nash" Americanrootsuk.com


"A singularly beautiful recording" House Of Mercy Radio


"Like a country song disguised as an alt pop song playing on the loud speaker at a dwarf orgy. I f**king love this." SYFFAL.com